Healthy FoodWhat to buy with the vouchers

There are lots of great foods you can buy with your Healthy Start vouchers:


This must be plain cow’s milk and can be whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed. It must also be pasteurised, sterilised, long-life or ultra-heat treated (UHT).

You can’t spend your vouchers on flavoured milk, coloured milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, goat’s milk, soya milk, powdered milk (unless it’s infant formula) or milk with anything added to it such as milkshakes or vitamin-enriched milk.

Plain fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables

This means any kind of plain fresh or frozen fruit or vegetables, whole or chopped, packaged or loose.

You can’t spend your vouchers on any fruit or vegetables which have added ingredients such as fat (oil), salt, sugar or flavourings – including oven chips and battered onion rings. You also can’t spend them on dried, canned, juiced or pre-cooked fruit and vegetables or on smoothies.

Infant formula milk

This must be infant formula milk that is based on cow’s milk and says on the packaging that it can be used from birth.

You can’t spend your vouchers on infant formulas that are not based on cow’s milk – such as soya formulas and goat’s milk formulas – or on any follow-on formulas that say on the packaging that they are for babies aged six months or older.

Change in packaging for infant formula

You may have noticed a change in the packaging for some brands of infant formula where some nutritionally complete infant formula (stage one formula) previously labelled as suitable ‘from birth’ or ‘from birth to 12 months’ is now labelled as suitable ‘from birth to 6 months’. For infants aged between 6 to 12 months, some brands are promoting follow-on formula, to support an infant’s development as part of a balanced diet.

Please note that Healthy Start vouchers can only be used to buy nutritionally complete stage one formula which is suitable from birth. This means that you cannot use your vouchers to purchase follow-on formula. Healthy Start vouchers can be used to buy;
• Plain cow’s milk – whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed. It can be pasteurised, sterilised long-life or UHT.
• Plain fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables. These can be whole, chopped, packaged or loose.
• Cow’s milk-based infant formula milk. This must be labelled as suitable for use from birth and satisfy, by itself, an infant’s nutritional needs.

If you have any questions about which formula best meets the nutritional needs of your baby, please contact the formula company directly or speak to a health professional.

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