Health Professional

I’m responsible for distributing vitamins to Healthy Start beneficiaries, how do I complete the quarterly return now that the green vitamin voucher has been replaced with a Healthy Start card?

Beneficiaries will show their Healthy Start card as evidence of their entitlement. Vitamin drops can be issued every 8 weeks to each child under the age of 4. Pregnant women also receive a bottle of women’s vitamin tablets every 8 weeks.

On the vitamin return form, you do not need to provide the card number or any personal information relating to the beneficiary. You only need to provide evidence of the number of vitamins you have distributed for pregnant women and children each quarter.

I’m a health professional, how can I sign the Healthy Start vitamin return form without access to a scanner or printer?

The Healthy Start vitamin return form that you submit each quarter can accept a digital signature on the PDF. However, if you’re unable to open the PDF because your PC does not have an adobe reader, email and request an excel version. This will allow you to take a picture of your signature and supply this as an image on the return form.

We’re unable to extend the cut off for each quarter, however, there is no time limit to prevent you from submitting your Healthy Start vitamin return later in the year. We can process your return form during any quarter.

Can those excluded from claiming public funds apply for Healthy Start?

You might be able to get Healthy Start vouchers depending on your immigration status.

You can get Healthy Start vouchers if all the following are true:

Your biometric residence permit (BRP) or your online immigration status (opens in a new tab) will say if you cannot claim public funds. You might also have a letter from the Home Office about it.

To get Healthy Start vouchers, ask for an application form via email. Only use this email address if you think you cannot claim public funds because of your immigration status.